Masterclass With Jan Gogola

Title: Maribor and Documentary Like Poetry
Mentor: Jan Gogola
When: Friday, September 16, 2022, at 15.00
Where: Viktring Court
Duration: 90-100 min, including discussion

Chapter 1 – Stanko Vraz (Maribor like poem) and John Grierson (“A documentary, it’s not a very proper term...”)
A documentary film usually introduces viewers to a specific topic and tries to guide them through various approaches and strategies. At the end of the film, viewers should reach the author's point of view or even identify with his perspective. But there is also a genre called poetic documentary, which uses more experimental approaches and interweaves images and music. With this, the author wants to create an atmosphere in the film to achieve a certain emotional experience, almost like poetry.

Stanko Vraz has a special meaning in Maribor, because it was he who gave it the name that the city bears today. In 1926, the term 'documentary' was first used in the words of one of the leading theorists of the British and Canadian school of documentary film, John Grierson. What are the narrative capabilities of combining these two approaches on film? In the first chapter of the masterclass, we will question how the effects of poetry can be introduced into the documentary film genre.

Chapter 2 – Robert Musil (“An idea, it is you in a certain state of being.”) and cases of films in a certain state of being (Jan Gogola as a director, script editor, and lecturer)
In the second chapter of the masterclass, according to Robert Musil, we will consider films as ideas in a certain state of being.

Chapter 3 – discussion